Help! 4 Steps Back To The Light….

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I started this blog many weeks ago; as I sat at my keyboard, with tears dripping softly down my cheeks not knowing what was going to appear on the screen as I typed.

This journey of learning has resembled the honey, now spiralling from my spoon into the Sacred Chocolate drink, kissing it in spirals as its sweetness is greeted thankfully by the bittersweet emotions which I at last, surrendered and dived into.

I must admit that I find it easier to inspire with my stories of travels to paradise destinations, dancing under the stars and sacred ceremonies.  Today however, I show up in the truth of current reality as I share the journey; unlike most journeys, when I embarked on this one, I had no idea of the destination, but I knew I needed to take that first step, into the unknown again.  I had no idea what was going to move me out of that dark, cold, depressed space.  The journey was a spiral, as I went in and out of feelings of joy and gratitude for my life, seeing so many dreams manifesting to a deep misery, which is hardly a feeling, more an avoidance of feeling.  All the while, focussing on birthing this blog as a ray of inspiration to anyone else who is in a dark place.


I told friends and family that I was feeling down, and surprisingly, they didn’t disown me.  I can laugh now, but I have an old program which was a survival mechanism from my childhood to be ‘Merry Gerri’.  Even though I don’t need it anymore, it still kicks in now as I still sometimes find it difficult to be real and vulnerable.  When I was real, it allowed others to get closer and I was warmly consoled by my nearest and dearest, and a few new, wonderful friends whose presence alone was a healing gift.   Most of the responses were of joy, that I too, am human.

Looking back on the day I started writing, I can say that I am grateful for that time, and I am very, very pleased to be out of that phase.  The ‘story/s’ of why I was feeling like that are not important; in fact, telling the stories now, or spending time wallowing in the details then would have been just another way of avoiding the feelings, and eventually alchemising them.

Anyone that shows up in my reality has come as a guide, to show me what I need to learn; so I’m grateful for them.

There were four main steps that guided me back into my bliss, maybe they resonate with you?

1. Feel It To Heal It

By allowing our emotions to be, and observing them, we are giving them space to naturally dissipate.

You Gotta Feel it to Heal it.  Allow the emotions to be, feel them.  The ego loves to find ways to distract us from simply feeling the feelings.  If we ignore our feelings, we will just continue to manifest situations that bring up those feelings…. until we do feel them.

According to Psychology Professor Kristin Neff, Ph.D., of the University of Texas, “If you get mentally lost in blaming yourself, or others, you prolong your suffering, but if you simply allow yourself to feel the emotion and let it run its course – which is often a wave that builds and tapers off—it dissipates much more quickly.”

‘Pain is inherent. Suffering is optional.’

Joseph Campbell

It touched my soul when I heard of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, and the sad circumstances surrounding it.

Recently while travelling, I noticed the various ways whole nations try and bury their pain.  Popular ways include alcohol, drugs, materialism, sex, overwork, the list continues.  I’ve become more conscious over the years of what I do to resolve my tension.  Rather than sitting with my feelings, I used to bury them.  So now, rather than having a glass of wine as a habit, I check in to see if there’s an emotion I’m trying to cover up, if so, I let the feeling be.  Again, it’s about checking into the motivation; love or fear?  When I let the feeling be, and I feel it, what emerges is a beautiful spurt of inspiration or creative ideas.

When I say ‘feel your feelings’, it really does mean, take time, lie down and FEEL what’s going on, until you breathe through them and reach a place of peace.

If this doesn’t work for you, let me know as it might be good to have someone talk you through it for the first time.  Everyone I’ve shared this process with has passed it on to their friends, family, clients, etc. because it’s simple and it really works.

It really is as simple as this….  

Just be still, sit or lie down, feel and wait til the feeling dissipates… You’ll know you’re there when you start to feel a deep sense of peace and bliss.  DO NOT allow your mind/ego to try and distract you by working it out, analysing it, trying to change/control it etc.

If you would like a recording of my  ‘Soul Alchemy Discovery’, just drop me a message.

It’s a new moon this weekend, so these next few days are super powerful to let go of the last few remnants of things that aren’t serving you for a brand new start.

2.        BREATHE!

There may be times when you can’t take yourself through the process of feeling the feelings, so until you can, just take a few minutes out and BREATHE!

This is one of my favourite topics of conversation, and the thing I rave about excitedly, usually forgetting to breathe myself… which is why it’s great to constantly remind others Lol.  I wrote an article on (The Benefits of Slow, Conscious) Breathing many years ago (link here) which is worth a read.  A quick favourite is to:

a) Breathe in for the count of 7, breathe out for the count of 11 (or as close as possible).

b) Take 40 deep breaths a day

As we manifest our Heaven on Earth, so much is shifting, and bodily symptoms will be common.  Many are experiencing sensations around the heart area, ranging from palpitations (fast, pronounced heartbeat), feeling of deep pain, sadness, a feeling of being stabbed in the back, feeling like the heart is literally expanding, intense joy, excitement and many other sensations.  Often when we feel bodily sensations, our mind can go into overdrive with worry.  If we let our thoughts have the power, they can make whatever is going on even worse.  I know I was sleeping quite a lot when I was feeling down as I usually get a lot of healing in my dreamtime, but actually breathing was much quicker and much more effective and allowed me to shift the energy gently and quickly.

“The only difference between fear and excitement is the breath.”

With focussed, conscious breathing the sensations turned to excitement.  Then, when I stayed with the feeling, I moved into a state of being totally ‘in flow’.  Like I was connected to everything, in all time and space, which of course I always am, but by breathing through, almost like giving birth, I was able to connect to more and more of my divinity, and what I’ve been creating is truly sparkling with a new glow.

575862_506235956101429_1481577541_n (1)

We ARE birthing the new, and it can be scary, deciphering what is of the old world, and moving into the new.  It’s the biggest unknown all of us on our own and as a collective have EVER embraced.  We’re creating it as we leap, so it’s super important to focus on what we WOULD love to create.

Dream, dream, dream…

3.    Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

I’ m sure you’ve heard the phrase ’focus creates reality’.  When our energy is focussed on something negative, that is what we tend to manifest.

“Worry is a misuse of the imagination.”

Dan Zadra

We are divine creators, so when we focus on a vision of what we’d love in our lives, that is what we’ll create.  The first thing I do when I’m working with a person or a group is I guide them to their version of ‘Heaven on Earth’; which for me is what ascension is all about, it’s bringing our version of Heaven into our lives.  When we have clarity on the path our soul is calling us to take it’s so much easier to focus on, and manifest that.  We don’t ignore ‘problems’ etc., but when that higher structure is created as a focus, and intuitive steps are taken daily to manifest it, there isn’t a focus on our problems, so we effortlessly create what we love.

What kept me going during this time was my life purpose, and knowing that I was going to publish this blog one day and hopefully bring a little more light into someone else’s life.


We don’t have to be in a state of peace constantly, however alchemising the pain allows us to manifest what we love.  When we are in a state of bliss, in flow, feeling wonderful THAT is the space for manifestation, healing and absolute magic.  We are in Oneness, as the divine creator beings that we truly are in essence.

“No problem can be created from the same state of consciousness that created it.”  

Albert Einstein

I regularly use Cacao as a guide to more easily facilitate the connection with Divinity.  Cacao is a psychotropic substance, used by the Ancient Aztecs and Mayans so it changes our consciousness, allowing us to view situations, our lives, conflicts, whatever from our true essence; spiritual beings having a human experience.  It is powerful!  For a blog on the 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate click here.

“What would you love?”

This is my absolute favourite question, it creates a bridge (the imagination), to our Heaven on Earth.  It allows you to dream and imagine, it shifts the focus and the energy and puts a stop to the internal chatter which is generally not super positive 🙂   I now use a Shamanic process to guide people to their unique version of ‘heaven on earth’, but before that, I used to ask them;

‘What is it that you would love, that you just know is not possible?’  

I would get them to verbalise it and then write it down.  Something miraculous then happened.  Without doubt, their dream manifested, sometimes within just a few months.  Start now by asking yourself these questions.  Generally what people wish for has to do with serving themselves, AND the planet, that’s when the magic really happens.

Once we have clarity on the things we love, and we’re truthful about where we are in relation to that, this discrepancy creates something referred to by Robert Fritz as ‘structural tension’ which is an emotional and energetic tension that seeks to be resolved.

Interestingly enough, the more the discrepancy, the better.  If you imagine an elastic band stretched to its max, at one end is your vision, and the other is your current reality.  As you stretch the band the tension increases, the more the band will stretch and there will be more tension present, so the stronger our energy and motivation becomes to resolve the tension.

The tendency is for the rubber band to resolve the tension in the system, like nature this can be observed. There is only one way for it to go; resolution.  There are two ways we can resolve that tension, we can either go into our thoughts, feelings and beliefs like I’m not worthy, or good enough and then cover it all up with a favoured habit OR can simply hang with that tension, allowing your subconscious AND your divine power to manifest the desired end result. 

Symbol of Love, Power, Freedom

Unicorns in Andalucia; Symbol of Love, Power, Freedom

I constantly use my intuition to guide me to creating more and more of my Heaven on Earth and it totally rocks my boat to see others do the same.  As one of my friends who I also mentor said a long time ago “Wow, this is amazing, one day all of us will manifest our Heaven on Earth and we’ll live in Heaven on Earth!”

The examples and magical threads which can be weaved when we’re living from our imagination rather than our thoughts and feelings, or belief system are really beyond our current imagination.

Life is an adventure, the more you treat it like one, and allow your imagination to have the power, you will effortlessly create and live the path your soul is calling you to take, stepping into your Heaven on Earth.

4.        Conflict As A Teacher

Harmony doesn’t come from happiness alone.  Harmony in music is created when contrasting notes and melodies collide, resulting in a divine resonance and richness.  It’s the same with human connections; our relationships are enriched and deepened by our experiences; by being real and truthful.  That’s one of the things I adore about my journey, and learning to face conflict, and speak my truth.  Friendships get stronger and more juicy because of tough times and conflict.  I still find it difficult to face conflict, as I have a vision of a heaven on earth and I often put a positive spin on conflict, pretend it’s not happening and try to avoid it (which is partly the reason for the tears).  However, our ‘leaden’ experiences do become our treasure

When we reap the rewards of our difficult times we gain wisdom, learnings and gifts, which can’t be given, they have to be experienced.

Sometimes it will be beneficial to actually go deep into the emotion, and see where it originated, this is particularly useful if you have been experiencing a repeated pattern, there’ is a free guided process which I posted on YouTube which you can use (click here).

Take the lessons of the spiral of learning you come through.  For me it’s about realness and taking things, which before, I’d, viewed as ‘old world paradigm’ nonsense.  A year ago, I had a real aversion to things like legal contracts, receiving them as old world and based on fear, however, what I’ve learned is that we can take some of the old world 3d creations and bring them lovingly in to the new world.  When we have things in writing, this is clarity which is a very good thing, it is light; wisdom is light.

Breathe… whatever is happening BREATHE!  Now is the moment of power (see blog about this), it is the only point we can create from, so make it powerful!  Focus on a higher structure, your dreams, with a foot in reality.

Enjoy beautiful beings.

‘There is a crack in everything.That’s how the light gets in.’ Leonard Cohen



Hey, thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope I inspired you,  and I hope I inspired you to inspire others.  We’re all just walking each other home, so be gentle with yourself and others.  We’re all feeling the same stuff from time to time, so be the love you’d love to love.

Please feel free to share this so that it inspires others to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Gerri is a Transformatrix who used imagination as a child to change others consciousness.  Her ‘imaginary friend’ was even called Tank, the name of one of the key characters in the film ‘The Matrix’.  She delights in gifting women worldwide with a magic wand to be the artist of the life beyond imagination.  Longer bio click here, testimonials see here.

If you would like a copy of the ‘Soul Alchemy Discovery’ recording, which will guide you through alchemising any feelings, and bring you to a place where you can create what you love, email for a copy.

If you would like to visit your ‘Heaven on Earth’ and get clarity on the path your soul is calling you to take, I am offering taster sessions for UK Sterling 47, until 7th March.

If you experience physical sensations or ailments, please do consider consulting a healthcare practitioner.


Heaven on Earth

Hey!  I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to for my blog.
Love to you!



Heaven on Earth…

or your very own Land of Plenty…

More coming soon.

13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate

Hey!  I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to for my blog.
Love to you!
Gerri x


There’s a Spiritual use for Chocolate?

Yes.  This is what I discovered after arriving in Guatemala at 11.11 on 11/11/12 on a synchronistically delayed flight greeted not only by these (very significant) numbers but also by 4/5 bolts of lightning.  A sign that this was probably not going to be just some ordinary journey!!  My visit was also synchronised with the important dates of 12/12/12 and 21/12/12; the end of the Mayan calendar and a 26,00 year cycle much celebrated and talked about worldwide.  The end of the world … as we know it, and the beginning of a new one.

After arriving in Guatemala, spending time in Antigua which is really beautiful and a world heritage centre, intuition guided me to Lake Atitlan, a haven of healing portals in the Highlands of Guatemala.

I had no idea why I was there and yes, fear did creep in, but no sooner had I transmuted by asking my favourite question; ‘What would I love’ when I met a wonderful lady who told me about ‘The Chocolate Shaman’ and his work; that was on day one, day two I attended my first ceremony.

Chocolate is The Bean of the Gods

Chocolate is The Bean of the Gods

Anyway, to cut a looong story short, I discovered that the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used Chocolate for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes.  I spent a couple of months going to Ceremonies and learning about chocolate and surrendering to the ‘stuff’ clearing gentle, powerful ways of this Spirit.  Since then I am honoured to continue to build a strong connection with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’ as a powerful teacher, facilitator and guide.  The Chocolate Shaman connected with the Spirit of Cacao nearly 10 years ago and she told him that Cacao is as ‘The Food for the Shift’; this started his journey of discovery.

Chocolate Tree 'The Food of the Gods'

Chocolate Tree ‘The Food of the Gods’

My experiences since then, 9 months ago, can confirm that Chocolate truly is the food for the shift.  I now run ceremonies throughout the world using my Shamanic tools from a 13 year professional adventure into the unknown, raising the mists of my own beliefs and assumptions.  I’ve been creating the life I love and guiding others to not only creating a life THEY love but teaching others about the magical secrets of alchemy and the elixirs of life!

The use of Chocolate has taken my work and the results in others lives to another level.  It creates a beautiful cauldron of love, allowing what needs to be released to transmute allowing more room for extra doses of light, love and magic.  Something we can all benefit from in these powerfully changing times!

During Chocolate Ceremonies, people connect with deep feelings of bliss, love and joy.  They sometimes travel through emotions which are stuck to get there, gaining deep realisations about their purpose, the meaning of life and the direction their soul is calling them to take.

There’s often wondrous ‘aha’ moments on why certain things have been a perceived ‘problem’ and how, in fact, now they can see that it’s their greatest gift.  With this knowledge, the journey forward is more empowered without the old ‘story’ but with a renewed awareness of the gifts they’ve been granted, even through the story! This fresh start often guides them to stepping into their power in a way they’ve never before experienced (often with them using Cacao in their work).

My passion is training others to run ceremonies and to teach the next wave of teachers.  The planet is changing, WE’RE changing and there’s a need for a great number of teachers to be the guides for the rest of the planet.  There are a lot of pain bodies to be soothed and transmuted, and that’s what my purpose is, to train the next wave of teachers.

There’s lots of positive health benefits to chocolate, it’s a superfood, it’s delicious and it’s also an aphrodisiac but I’m going to focus on the spiritual, emotional and mental benefits here.

Since my discovery about the magical uses for Cacao just 9 months ago, I journeyed to Hawaii & Canada where I held Ceremony, but I also journeyed to Costa Rica and I met tribes who still use Cacao for these purposes.  They also use it for initiations for both teenagers and children, and pregnant women.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

The Spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan Deities. They called Cacao ‘The water that runs through the heart’, it is a Sacred, Medicinal, Psychoactive, Plant and Theobroma or cacao actually means “Food of the Gods”.

Here are ….. More benefits for Chocolate, taken usually in a ceremonial dose, I recommend pure, ceremonial grade chocolate.  Generally what you can buy in the supermarket has all the good stuff taken out.  Intention is powerful, so set you intention and enjoy!

There are thirteen benefits below, 13 is a powerful number, when the patriarchal power came to the fore, it was ruled as an ‘unlucky’ number but in actual fact it is the number of the Goddess and represents the new world of love being created.

The Magic of Chocolate as a Plant Medicine

1. Cacao opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection.

2. It promotes powerful journeying and connection with our spiritual wisdom.

3. Aids realisation on repeated patterns or blocks which might be preventing us from creating the life we love.

3. Stronger connection with the higher self.

4. Enhanced connection with the truth of ourselves; our divinity.  Chocolate is a powerful facilitator allowing us to delve into our pain, release it so that we can allow more light, love and magic in.

5. Powerful, otherworldly meditation enabling us to connect with our spiritual nature, accessing the wisdom within.  It also makes meditation much easier and more beneficial.  It calms the left brain chatter, and allows us to delve more into that nooo mind bliss space (see point 10).

6. Profound embodiment of new learnings.  Allowing us to feel in our bodies things we know in our head, our mind.

Profound things like that we are all love; love is all there is, it’s all the matters.  We might logically know this, and want to believe it and embody it, but we wonder how to live it and embody it?  Chocolate aids this pathway to bliss.

7. Feelings of oneness, enlightenment and ecstasy.  This results in more love in our lives, as well as a stronger, more familiar connection with our magnificence, oneness and spiritual capacities.

Under a Cacao tree with one of my Cacao suppliers in Costa Rica

Under a Cacao tree with one of my Cacao suppliers in Costa Rica

8. More enhanced, balanced male & female energy.  We all have male and female energy within, when these are balanced we live a harmonious life magnetising all we love to us.  This integration also leads to enhanced effectiveness as the divine creators and manifesters which we are in essence.  The balance of male and female energies allows us to receive inspiration AND act on it.

9. Access to the ‘one mind’ or unity consciousness allowing the connection with creative ideas.  With the enhanced male/female balance within, these are then made manifest….

Blurred waterfall with love heart, butterfly symbol :

Blurred waterfall with love heart, butterfly symbol :

10. More effective, deeper, profound, easier yoga and chi kung practice.  It improves on every level; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.  This is probably the case with other practices too (aikido, kick boxing etc.) but I have yet to try others.

11. A deeper, stronger connection with ‘the light’, the new, higher dimensions, raising our vibration.

12. Stronger connection with our creative abilities; writing, painting, dancing, music or whatever floats your boat.

13. Cacao is a gentle, powerful feminine force.  It is the force for the new world.  By surrendering to the essence and energy of Chocolate, you can step into the higher dimensions.  It allows a deep Shamanic experience of ‘being in the world but not of it’ or ‘having a foot in both worlds’.

It is all about the messages that the dolphins deliver, the basis of Hawaiian Shamanism… It’s all about FUN and CONNECTION 🙂

Indigenous Costa Rican Shaman

Indigenous Costa Rican Shaman

This has been communicated to me recently in my own work and thorough witnessing what others are gaining in ceremonies and in one to one sessions.  It facilitates the clearing of deep psychological, emotional, and spiritual blocks.  It allows one to get to the root of any emotion or even any physical ailment, to discover why they have it and in turn feeling the emotion related to it; subsequently healing the original dis-ease and releasing it.

Please feel free to add a comment and assist with more magical benefits.

Mucho aloha!


The Chocolate Shaman will be in Europe Summer/Autumn 2013, and I will be in Europe from Autumn 2013, with teacher trainings in Europe and a retreat in Hawaii in 2014 on the cards.

Tricks Of The Ego; Are you too hard on yourself?

Apres run bliss.. taking in more light

Apres run bliss.. taking in more light


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Love to you!
Gerri x




Are you beating yourself up?

Are you giving yourself a hard time about something?

For me, recently it’s because I’m sleeping a lot and I’m not jumping outta bed at 5/6 am and going for my run.

Granted, there are mornings when my first skype session is at 6/30 or 7 and by then I’ve made my (amazing) smoothie, meditated, read my choices, tuned in, and sometimes even done my yoga!

Occasionally though, and more frequently lately I’m sleeping quite late in the morning AND some days even having a nap in the afternoon.

There’s no problem there, especially as recently I’ve been getting to bed after midnight, the ‘problem’ though is that I’ve been giving myself a really, really tough time about it.  I’ve been FOCUSSING on my one current perceived failure, labeling or defining myself as lazy because I’m oversleeping.

Trees; Connecting Heaven & Earth

Trees; Connecting Heaven & Earth

Even though I’m a life coach and I’m amazing at pointing out others blind spots, it sometimes takes me a while to see mine.  I even wrote a blog not too long ago and one of the things I said to do was to allow yourself to sleep as much as you needed (see here)

I was very blissed to have a beautiful connection with a dear friend with the COOLest name; Cameron McCool (who was also inspired to write a blog about me after our chat (see here).; he so magically guided me to my realisations that I’m not even sure HOW he did it, but whatever his inspiring guidance and words were, it worked.  Thanks Cam!

The Tricks Of The EGO!

Everything in my life is wonderful, I’m fulfilling my purpose, I’m wealthy, healthy, free, I pretty much have a dream life, so what my ego has been doing is that it’s finding something to keep me disconnected from my Magnificence so it’s got still got a job to do and it can fulfill its crazy role.  So it latched onto this one thing that (apparently) makes me ‘imperfect’ and ‘not good enough’.


You gotta love your shadow

I love my ego, and the more I love it and become conscious of its ways and embrace it into my being, the more secure it feels and the less it feels like it has to create craziness in my life!

So my ego was been defining me as imperfect, lazy, not good enough and so on and so on.  But the reality is that I’m changing massively, my DNA is changing, the entire world is changing.  It’s fun, it’s powerful and we’ve NEVER been in this position on planet earth ever before.

Seeing myself as powerful, sensitive, a wayshower and a visionary are much more empowering definitions than ‘I’m lazy’ or ‘I’m powerless’ or I’m not achieving the ridiculously high standards which my ego is placing on me.  Lol.


Stone statues, or mini Easter Island men?

You see, the more I’ve been focussing on being lazy and oversleeping, the less I’ve been enjoying the absolute luck and joy in my life.

It’s been like a vicious circle.


I wrote this blog yesterday, Saturday, and this morning at 6.30 am I was out of bed, feeling amazing, no pressure and I went for a fabulous run.

SUCH magic happens when you become conscious of WHY you’re doing or not doing something.  Once I became conscious of what was going on, I didn’t have to DO anything, things just shifted on their own.

The joy of exploring the area I’m currently based in (Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia) was beyond measure.  The thing that I haven’t been able to force myself out of bed to do, the thing I’ve been giving myself a ridiculously hard time about for a few days turned out to be…..

A walk

A dance

A jog

A beautiful experience connecting with others through the magic of the smile!

A journey into the unknown

An experience of the bliss of nature; butterflies, rising sun, ancient trees, cormorants, herons, seals and of course loooaads of fab dogs.


Many trips down memory lane and a lot of tingles all over as I ran super speedily to old house tunes from back in the day.

Much fun with my new iphone (all of these photos are from it) and joy at my new playlists 🙂

An embrace at getting to know myself even more, and ADORING myself even more!

A divine, rewarding coffee and muffin by the sea afterwards.

Oh, and LOTS of white feathers at synchronistic moments when I was considering my dreams (white feathers are a sign that we’re on the right path, and that our angels are with us) 😉


So where are you giving yourself a hard time in your life?

Are you focussing on something you’re NOT doing?

How about giving yourself a break and looking at all the magic you ARE creating?

How about taking time to appreciate everything you HAVE created?

How about loving you for just the way you are… and whatever you do, if it’s exercise that you are giving yourself a hard time over, PLEASE, I beg of you, do something you ENJOY!


I love you!

Please I’d love if you’d comment and also feel free to forward this on to friends and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. (links below).

Things I love….


I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to for my blog.

Love to you!

Gerri x


My smoothie inventions….

Sitting at a desk with my computer and catching up!

My friends, sovereign connections.

I LOVE Hawaii.

My family, the dogs I love and the dogs I’ve yet to love!

Heart Opener

The men in my life, my friends, my potentials, my exes, my brothers and my dad.


Freediving, snorkelling and dolphins.

I love chi kung on the beach.


I love my home.

I love trees, especially Yew trees, Banyan trees, Willows and Horse Chestnut trees.

I love my Goddessness… I love your Goddessness… and your Godliness.

I love the force and gentleness of nature.

I love nature as my greatest teacher.

I love manifesting my Heaven … On Earth.

I love big round tables covered with food and surrounded by friends and family.

I LOVE running Chocolate Ceremonies.

I LOVE the new world…. 🙂

I love sunshine.

I love sunny beaches

I love sunny beaches

I love Ireland.

I love my mum.

I love mysteries, especially the mysteries of Shamanism.

I love beetroot, spinach and great wine.

I love massaging my kale salad for 5 meditative minutes…… then sharing it with leftovers for days!

I love books and I ADORE my Kindle.

I really, really love my sisters, family and girlfriends, and all those friends I have yet to meet.

And today… I really love me!

What’s To Fear……….?


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Love to you!

Gerri x


And what is fear anyway?

False Evidence Appearing Real


You have nothing to fear, but fear itself.


Love you!

What Comes After The Law of Attraction?


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Love to you!
Gerri x


With tingles all over my body and slowly, gleefully sipping a ceremonial does of cacao I share some magic with you.

2013-02-11 07.05.12

Sunrise Big Island, Hawaii

Life is good. Life is only good because of the learnings, and those learnings came from some really, really painful, tough times and clearing my ‘stuff’. We’re all on an interesting journey as we come more in line with our own divinity.  Keeping that in sight is a very good thing as we experience tough times. Anyway, I digress; I’m writing about the Law of Attraction right?  What’s the LoA got to so with our ‘stuff’’? Well, when we clear out stuff, which we do by facing up to it and really FEELING our emotions, it clears them and we manifest what we love. There’s been a lot of fear around actually being real and feeling our stuff; our fear, pain, anger and other emotions.

The Law of Attraction made big news nearly ten years ago when the movie ‘The Secret’ was launched.  I remember watching it and jumping & dancing around my home celebrating at the message it conveyed.  My partner had been telling me about all this magic, how your thoughts and words create your reality and I must admit, there was a part of me that doubted him.  When I watched the film with its amazing insights and evidence I truly celebrated that it was now out in the mainstream.  As great as ‘The Secret’ was, it also brought up a lot of confusion, doubt and fear for people because they thought that you had to feel amazing all of the time.  If you felt any negative emotions, you’d attract negativity. This is not true and I feel like this is the most important thing to remember as we create the new paradigm.  We MUST feel our feelings to clear them.  Alchemise them.  Otherwise they’re lurking around under the surface in your subconscious creating again, what you don’t love.

Your Magnificence comes from those feelings, as does enlightenment.  There’s no quick route to a blissful life, it’s the journey and it’s through continually allowing yourself to feel your feelings that you get to bliss.  I don’t suggest you drown in them, just be real and allow yourself to feel them.  Neither do I recommend drowning them with things like alcohol, drugs, smoking, busyness, but just start being conscious of them.  There’s SUCH peace underneath those feelings if you simply allow yourself to sit with them.


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie

If you look at my blog Beliefs & The Power of The Subconscious Mind you’ll see that it’s the subconscious that creates our reality.  So if our negative emotions are tucked away there, then we’ll create more situations where we are given a chance to feel them, so we can clear them.

That’s why those that push our buttons are our best teachers. We must FEEL our emotions, it’s only by feeling them that they can dissipate.  When we bury them, we’re letting them grow and we will only create circumstances in our external world over and over again which will make us feel those emotions.

Once the ‘charge’ around our sadness, guilt or whatever the emotion is disappears, the triggers in our lives will discontinue.  Some people are simply afraid of their feelings, they’re afraid  of their ‘stuff’;  the sadness, crying, anger, or whatever.

As my first Shamanic teacher used to say ‘there’s nothing to fear but fear itself’.  By fearing we’re giving what we’re avoiding more and more power. If our negative ‘stuff’ is left unheeded, it will manifest in our outer reality.  We’re all Masters of the Law of Attraction because we’re all manifesting things we DON’T want as well as those we DO want.

There’s a wonderful process in my blog Love or Fear? click here, if you’ve got some emotions that you’d like to get to unearth, feel and release or if there’s a pattern, situation or emotion that keeps coming up over and over. When you clear your negative emotions, you have room for the juicy high vibrations to create what you DO love.

It takes high pressure and temperature to create a diamond

The Law of Clarity This is the new law; The Law of Clarity, when you’re clear of your ‘stuff’, not being perfect, but not burying your emotions either.  Letting them flow, feeling them.

Then from that space of clarity you can create what you love. Use gratitude for where you are now and what you have; this is the bridge to even more magical outcomes. Let me know how you get on with The Law of Clarity and please feel free to share this post.

I love you!