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The Keys to Happiness, Contentment … and Bliss


Jump off the rollercoaster and have gratitude for where you are


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Love to you!

Gerri x

I’m feeling a deep level of contentment.

This is a new level of bliss, which isn’t fuelled by affirmations, positive thinking or external stimuli.

This happiness comes from realness, which is both courageous and scary.
It’s a place where I’m allowing and embracing ALL of the experiences of this cosmic rollercoaster called life.

I’ve cultivated the ability to observe the rollercoaster and life’s ups and downs much more these days. Before, I used to hang on for dear life, spinning between the highs and lows like a pendulum in an earthquake. Of course I still get on the rollercoaster and experience the thrill and sheer terror when I forget that it’s all made up (I feel like there’s another blog coming on that subject, but believe me for now, yes, it is all made up). Sometimes I forget this and I start believing my crazy stories about life and create dramas that simply don’t exist! Then I can nip back off the rollercoaster and observe it while I make up stuff about what I would really love. Back to bliss.

The key to this state?

The key is knowing that whatever occurs, it’s for my highest good. As long as I’m in my heart, EWOP – Everything is Working Out Properly.

Of course I’m not always in my heart – And I’m not advising 100% heart living. We were given minds for a reason. It’s being aware and conscious of where we’re dwelling – and being able to view whatever part of the rollercoaster we’re on as all part of the dance of life. Knowing that wherever we are; “this too shall pass”.

One of the biggest realizations I had in my life came in the midst of deep pain, confusion and worry. I was living in London and I was staring out at my beloved Yew tree pondering my troubles when I had a moment of clarity and consciousness.

I saw the funny side of the drama I’d created. I got up, threw my hands up to heaven with a wry smile on my face and addressed God/Goddess; “Well, I’ve got to say I’ve got nooo idea why this (current drama) is happening, but thank you, because I know when I get through it I’m going to be stronger, wiser and even more wonderful.” I also think I had a bit of a quip about their wonderful sense of humor and how they must be having a laugh observing me, my life and the dramas I can create on the way to creating what I love.


Then a miracle occurred. Something deep within me got it. I understood why I was experiencing that particularly difficult time. I realized that it was actually a pattern I was repeating and I could see the seed that created it – because I’d made up something totally untrue! By acknowledging it, having gratitude and a sense of humor I’d transmuted it. It was healed and released.

So I highly recommend it! Give it a go. Just take a moment to SEE what’s going on, as if you’re observing your life or drama. Become aware of it, be grateful and chat to whoever is out there (or up there), and see what happens. Look up, thank ‘them/it/God/Goddess/Great Spirit’.. whoever, thank them for what you’re experiencing… and become AWARE…


Let me know how that goes.

Mucho aloha,