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What Comes After The Law of Attraction?


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Love to you!
Gerri x


With tingles all over my body and slowly, gleefully sipping a ceremonial does of cacao I share some magic with you.

2013-02-11 07.05.12

Sunrise Big Island, Hawaii

Life is good. Life is only good because of the learnings, and those learnings came from some really, really painful, tough times and clearing my ‘stuff’. We’re all on an interesting journey as we come more in line with our own divinity.  Keeping that in sight is a very good thing as we experience tough times. Anyway, I digress; I’m writing about the Law of Attraction right?  What’s the LoA got to so with our ‘stuff’’? Well, when we clear out stuff, which we do by facing up to it and really FEELING our emotions, it clears them and we manifest what we love. There’s been a lot of fear around actually being real and feeling our stuff; our fear, pain, anger and other emotions.

The Law of Attraction made big news nearly ten years ago when the movie ‘The Secret’ was launched.  I remember watching it and jumping & dancing around my home celebrating at the message it conveyed.  My partner had been telling me about all this magic, how your thoughts and words create your reality and I must admit, there was a part of me that doubted him.  When I watched the film with its amazing insights and evidence I truly celebrated that it was now out in the mainstream.  As great as ‘The Secret’ was, it also brought up a lot of confusion, doubt and fear for people because they thought that you had to feel amazing all of the time.  If you felt any negative emotions, you’d attract negativity. This is not true and I feel like this is the most important thing to remember as we create the new paradigm.  We MUST feel our feelings to clear them.  Alchemise them.  Otherwise they’re lurking around under the surface in your subconscious creating again, what you don’t love.

Your Magnificence comes from those feelings, as does enlightenment.  There’s no quick route to a blissful life, it’s the journey and it’s through continually allowing yourself to feel your feelings that you get to bliss.  I don’t suggest you drown in them, just be real and allow yourself to feel them.  Neither do I recommend drowning them with things like alcohol, drugs, smoking, busyness, but just start being conscious of them.  There’s SUCH peace underneath those feelings if you simply allow yourself to sit with them.


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie

If you look at my blog Beliefs & The Power of The Subconscious Mind you’ll see that it’s the subconscious that creates our reality.  So if our negative emotions are tucked away there, then we’ll create more situations where we are given a chance to feel them, so we can clear them.

That’s why those that push our buttons are our best teachers. We must FEEL our emotions, it’s only by feeling them that they can dissipate.  When we bury them, we’re letting them grow and we will only create circumstances in our external world over and over again which will make us feel those emotions.

Once the ‘charge’ around our sadness, guilt or whatever the emotion is disappears, the triggers in our lives will discontinue.  Some people are simply afraid of their feelings, they’re afraid  of their ‘stuff’;  the sadness, crying, anger, or whatever.

As my first Shamanic teacher used to say ‘there’s nothing to fear but fear itself’.  By fearing we’re giving what we’re avoiding more and more power. If our negative ‘stuff’ is left unheeded, it will manifest in our outer reality.  We’re all Masters of the Law of Attraction because we’re all manifesting things we DON’T want as well as those we DO want.

There’s a wonderful process in my blog Love or Fear? click here, if you’ve got some emotions that you’d like to get to unearth, feel and release or if there’s a pattern, situation or emotion that keeps coming up over and over. When you clear your negative emotions, you have room for the juicy high vibrations to create what you DO love.

It takes high pressure and temperature to create a diamond

The Law of Clarity This is the new law; The Law of Clarity, when you’re clear of your ‘stuff’, not being perfect, but not burying your emotions either.  Letting them flow, feeling them.

Then from that space of clarity you can create what you love. Use gratitude for where you are now and what you have; this is the bridge to even more magical outcomes. Let me know how you get on with The Law of Clarity and please feel free to share this post.

I love you!


Love or Fear?


I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to http://www.souldiscoverycoaching.com/blog/ for my blog.

Love to you!


It’s a new moon in a couple of days.  It’s time to let go of the past.  It’s time to let go of any ‘stuff’ we’re holding onto; pain, old patterns, beliefs & assumptions; anything which doesn’t serve us.

When there’s something going on in our life which is causing us pain; especially if it brings up a similar feeling as before that lasts more than a few seconds and it has a charge, it’s got nothing to do with others, it’s to do with us.  When we clear our internal world, then dramas, illness, pain etc. don’t manifest in the outside world.

I share a simple technique in the video which will allow you to see why you might be creating what you DON’T love in your external world.
Your external world simply reflects what’s inside of you which needs looking at and releasing.  As one of my mentors, The Chocolate Shaman used to say; “When you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, you don’t try and change the mirror.”

Happy New Moon and new world people.
I love you!

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein


1.  What is the pattern or issue you’re dealing with?  A short sentence will suffice.

2.  What’s the main emotion underneath this… (fear will generally be at the root of it).

3.  Set the intention to get to the root of the emotion, of that feeling.  “I choose to get to the root of the (whatever emotion, fear for instance) fear which is holding me back.”

4.  Close your eyes, connect with your guides, angels, higher self (a ceremonial dose of cacao an hour before will aid in the journey)…  Reconnect with the intention to get to the root of the emotion or the problem which is holding you back.

5.  Imagine you’re walking on a path in a forest, (this can be a path you imagine, or a path you know).  Now imagine you approach a clearing, and in the clearing you see a large tree, this is the world tree.  It is a majestic tree with branches reaching so high you can’t see where they reach, and roots going deep down into the earth, and deep down into your subconscious memory store.

6.  Imagine now that as you approach the tree, you notice a door in the trunk of the tree.  You approach the tree and you open the door, there’s a spiral staircase inside.  This is a very safe spiral staircase which leads downwards.   At the bottom of this spiral staircase, is the root of the emotion which is holding you back.

7.  You’re going to walk down the staircase counting down from 10 to 1.  When you get to 1 you’re going to be at the the bottom of the staircase and at the root of the emotion which is holding you back and standing in the way of what you love.

8.  Count yourself down from 10-1.

9.  At 1, you’re at the bottom of the staircase and at the root of the emotion which is holding you back.   Now allow an age in your early childhood emerge.  Now let a memory to come to mind, what’s happening?  What is the incident?

10.  How are you feeling?   What do you feel in your body?

11.  What number on a scale of 1-10 would you give that pain or that feeling?

12.  Breathe into the feeling… breathe in through the nose, and out of the mouth releasing the feeling.  Keep breathing until it’s released.  Keep breathing it out until the number on the scale is 0.  Feel the feeling and as you breathe out, really blow that feeling out.

13.  Now ask yourself the question, what did you make up about yourself, life or others because of this?

14.  Now, set the intention to connect with your higher self.  Rise above this incident, the memory.  See it from a higher level, from the perspective of you as a divine soul, as spirit.  What’s going on?

You’ll generally see that the incident in a physical form was agreed to have been played out so that you could learn something.  What have you learned?

15.  Can you see how has this impacted upon your life?

16.  What would you love to create now?  What would you love?  Keep asking this question, what else would you love?

‘The imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’  Albert Einstein

Until we release a pattern it will come back again, and again and again.  We will also attract others to push our buttons so we learn.  When the same things happens to us and it doesn’t trigger us -HURRAH, it’s celebration time 😉

We’re all learning how to relieve suffering and alchemize everything so we can move on clearer, stronger wiser and create what we DO love.

“Pain is inherent, suffering is optional.” Joseph Campbell

Happy Journeying People!



I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to http://www.souldiscoverycoaching.com/blog/ for my blog.

Love to you!


I’ve just had the most incredible realization.

I’ve ‘known’ this for quite a while, but I actually FELT it in my body just now.  I did a ceremonial dose of pure raw Guatemalan cacao earlier because I felt quite stuck and I was feeling a lot of pain as I saw a pattern which I have been repeating in my life.

I realised that I’ve been in a ‘powerless’ position around two very important areas of my life; where I live, which is linked with getting a relevant Visa and my love life!  I even started to entwine the two to create intense drama, pain, chaos and confusion!  I was well aware that there was a thread of ‘powerlessness’ going on in my life, but I wasn’t really aware of the roots and depth of it.

When you believe you’re powerless, you assign the power outside of yourself.  This is something I teach and I’m well aware of.  Being aware of our beliefs is so important because they really do create our reality; but hey, I’m not perfect and I spent some time swimming around in the mire of one of my beliefs.  Other beliefs include being unworthy, not good enough, trust, and so on and so on.


Anyway, I’m really enjoying being in the flow of life, following my spirit and allowing my path to unfold in front of me, while focusing on what I would love to create.

What I realized though, was that underneath this was a simmering anger and not having what I love NOW and having to worry myself with what I perceived as left brain, old world paradigm nonsense like Visas!

What’s so interesting is that due to Visa requirements I travelled to Guatemala a few months ago and created probably the most wonderful magic ever and added something worth its weight in gold to my Shaman’s toolbag – i.e. the use of Cacao.  Since then my work and life purpose has taken on such a power and a life of its own.  I’ve been using Cacao in private sessions, but much more exciting I’ve been holding Cacao Ceremonies & creating a space for others to connect with the higher realms, raising consciousness, bringing more light and love into our life and releasing pain and old hurts.  So, what’s interesting is that even the nonsense rules on this planet and the old world paradigm led me to discovering more of my treasure!

Anyway, with the realization of how much of a powerless position I’ve put myself in, while believing ‘everything will work out okay’ I was putting the power OUTSIDE of me which of course puts pressure on others and puts me OUT of my power.

Now, with that realization I’m back in my power and I’ve decided on where my path is leading me.  Of course, I still believe ‘if you want to make God/Goddess laugh, tell them your plans’ but the fact that I’ve taken my power back and I’m choosing which path to take is such a powerful, real, sexy place to be!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my spirit and The Spirit of Cacao for allowing that magic to unfold!

Love, light, magic & ….. ☹ drama, chaos, confusion, illness?

Cacao; The Food for the Shift


I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to http://www.souldiscoverycoaching.com/blog/ for my blog.

Love to you!


Today I learned something I already knew.  Do I make sense?  Well, let’s say I remembered something I knew inside….

Anyway, the gist of it involves us moving more and more into the higher dimensions; my take on it is that we are creating heaven on earth.
Before we do this, we need to clear any ‘density’ or our ‘pain body’ as Eckhart Tolle calls it.  If we don’t, we’ll simply create what we don’t want; drama, chaos, illness.  I’m seeing this a lot with creators, artists, coaches, facilitators, healers, lightworkers etc.  You might have experienced how your thoughts are manifesting quicker recently?  You’re manifesting easier – and not all of it is what you want!  If you still have ‘stuff’ to clear, that will manifest.  I’m absolutely not saying we need to be perfect, but there’s a new level of consciousness that needs to be achieved so that we don’t create what we don’t want.

The Food for the Shift

I’ve recently been working with a wonderful shaman in the highlands of Guatemala (http://ceremonialcacao.blogspot.com/) who changed my life!  I learned that ‘clearing’ doesn’t have to be hard work, it can be easy and FUN!  I also learned a beautiful way to allow sensitive souls, highly sensitive people or empaths as he calls them how to be clear and NOT take on other people’s stuff.  This training is powerful and I’ve already been sharing it with very welcome audiences.  As more and more people are moving into the new paradigm we’re going to need to know how to guide them!  Many, many healers and lightworkers are needed to be guides and this training is happening now!

The Chocolate Shaman (as he’s known) was guided by ‘The Spirit of Cacao’ nearly a decade ago to find out about the Ancient Mayan’s use of Cacao for ceremony, journeying and inner work.

For many years his research drew a blank until, through a big of synchromagic, he was guided to a tribe with no contact with the outside world.  After 3 days of trekking up vast steep mountains and across raging rivers he reached them.  On his way in, he noticed cacao growing, so he asked if he could buy some; they told him to come back in a week and he could have some.

When he returned to the tribe, he shared his story with them.  He told them that he’d been guided by the Spirit of Cacao to research the Mayans use of Cacao in ceremony.  He told them that she said Cacao is ‘The Food for the Shift’.  When he shared that, there was a murmur and a hush throughout the whole village and he was approached by an elder…. (I always get shivers at this point in the story).  The elder informed him that they’d been waiting for him for 300 years!  Wow!  There’s a lot more to this story including the levels that they go to with Cacao use, I’ll share another time.

Sooo, after clearing a lot of my ‘stuff’ in Guatemala and attending many ceremonies I’m honored to be running ceremonies myself.  I’ve been using Cacao in my coaching and Soul Discovery sessions with absolutely magical results.  To be holding Cacao ceremonies is simply awe-inspiring and such a privilege.  I’ve been describing it as the sparkly cherry on top of the cake!

I didn’t realize I’d been searching, but in hindsight I was.  I flowed my bliss, my intuition, my higher self, my spirit whatever you’d like to call it and it led me to my treasure.

I’m passionate about sharing this wisdom, healing and fun worldwide, so please do connect if this resonates.

I’ll be holding events, teleseminars and working one to one with people in person and online.  Sign up if you’d like to be kept posted of events (www.SoulDiscoveryCoaching.com); you’ll also receive a report ‘3 Steps to Living Your Purpose’.

I’ll be holding a FREE teleseminar w/c February 18th , and my intention is to hold these regularly – probably every fortnight.  I put the link to The Chocolate Shaman’s website above, if you’d like to order Cacao from him, I highly recommend it as it is sacred, very high quality and processed by indigenous people.  If you’d like to take it to another level, why not take a ceremonial dose of Cacao while you listen to the teleseminar?  You can follow the instructions for consuming it on his website too, or feel free to email me souldiscoverycoaching@gmail.com.  Please do pay attention to the contraindications though (not recommended for anyone with a heart condition/on anti depressants), also fatal if consumed by dogs, parrots or horses.  Many of my clients are actually taking a ceremonial does an hour before our sessions and the results are even more phenomenal than before!

Feel free to touch base if you’d like any more information, I’ve never been so passionate about anything ever!

Share the LOVE baby!

The Power of Now – Hawaiian Wisdom


I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to http://www.souldiscoverycoaching.com/blog/ for my blog.

Love to you!


There’s a Hawaiian principle which goes like this…. Now is the moment of power, or ‘Manawa’ in the Hawaiian language.

You probably know Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’ which goes into great details about the power of being in the present; the abundant gifts.

I’ve been meditating on the Hawaiian take on it recently.  This is not something new.  It seems like it’s the flavor of the day with other famous spiritual leaders like of Anita Moorjani and Ram Dass also sharing the same message.

I agree with everything they say and I’d like to add a bit of my own magical perspective.  What does ‘The moment of power is now’ actually mean?  Well, I can explain from a place of being in my own power, my own Greatness.

It’s being present to your divine guidance, your inner wisdom.  Then, from that place of wisdom, it’s about taking real action NOW guided by your higher self, soul or whatever you like to call it.

It’s all fine and sometimes dandy if you want to live in a cave and meditate all day, but we’re living in this real, gritty world.  We have families and friendships to honor and sustain, we have careers, we have bills to pay.  Most importantly, we have dreams to manifest, we have a purpose to fulfill and we have a new world to create!   It’s all very well getting guidance, but if we don’t act on it, what good is it?

That is my passion!  Not airy, fairy, ethereal, never to be dreams, but dreams with the foundation that they’re true for your (powerful) heart to create so that you ARE living your true nature & purpose.

So you might ask how do we get into the moment?  Well, there’s lots of techniques to help to get the ego or mind out of the way, it depends what you love doing – and that’s crucial!  It’s gotta be fun, or at least pleasant anyway.

There’s breathing exercises, meditations, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, journeys; all sorts of things which are specifically designed with that in mind (excuse the pun).  When I started as a healer practicing Shiatsu over a decade ago I worked with quite a few high flying execs who would run a mile if I mentioned the word ‘meditation’.  Lol.  What worked quite well for them were sports like swimming, because of the breath focus, it was easy for them to switch the mind off and enter the bliss of the moment.  Swimming is also a great way to naturally effortlessly release grief and sadness, which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is held in the lungs.  We all hold a certain amount of those emotions and to release them is powerful as it allows more joy into our lives.



I feel like the best way to have easy access to bliss is to have a daily practice (like meditation) so you start your day clear and with an inner knowing of what “NOW” is like.  That is the “NOW” without the incessant thoughts, worries and inner voice clouding your vision.  With this foundation, there is an inner knowing as to the difference in resonance of the voice of your spirit or soul compared to that of the ego/mind.  I don’t want to put the ego down, it’s a very necessary part of us, however it has a very limited view of you, your abilities, others and the world because it’s got a limited memory – just from when you were a child til now.  It doesn’t have access to all the magic and possibilities outside of that.  It can be largely fear-based and act out like a pained, wounded child.

To be able to either move outside of this way of being and have an ascended view is a portal to creating your own heaven on earth.  This is what the new paradigm is all about.  When each one of us is in our own bliss, then we’ve ascended.  The ego can so easily and destructively remove you from NOW so that the greater percentage of your focus is on  worries, which means you take actions guided by worries, then creating what you do NOT want (I feel another blog coming on relating our actions, rather than just our thoughts and feelings creating our reality).

This brings me back to ‘Now is the moment of power’ or ‘Manawa’.  In the language of Ancient Hawaii, they were so attuned to this principle that there wasn’t even a past or future in their language.

Hawaiian sunset – Big Island, Hawaii.  The Hawaiians saw sunset as the beginning of the day.

Cont’d  …


I feel like the main reason why I was guided to write this article is to remind myself, more than you that it’s when we act on divine inspiration that we can create the life we love.

That’s what I love.  I love seeing others creating their dream of bliss.  I’m also witnessing it more and more as I travel the world learning, growing and sharing my brand of intuitive magic.  The shifts I’m witnessing are very powerful – with everyone creating their very own ‘Land of Plenty’…  As one of my clients recently said, “one day everyone’s Land of Plenty will join up as we’ll have a World of Plenty”.  Here’s to that I say 😉

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