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Just take three deep breaths…….


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Love to you!


The breath is the one thing we simply can’t live without for more than a few seconds. Take a few moments and change your consiousness with a few deep breaths.


What is bliss?


I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to for my blog.

Love to you!


I thought I’d take a moment to blog and share how divinely amazing I’ve felt over the last few days.  There’s no real reason, it’s not like something dramatic has changed in my life, although my ego has been pressing me to work out why I feel so good.  I love the fact that it can’t just accept it and I really enjoy being aware of this questioning and even how the ego can then sabotage any present moment happiness.  I started to become aware of my internal dialogue many years ago and I’d notice the times it would automatically click in.  A pattern I noticed was that when I’d proclaim to myself or others how happy I was and how wonderful life is, in a heartbeat, this ‘internal gremlin’ would pipe up and go ‘Ah yes, but what about ….. ?’  Fill in the gap with an area of life which might be perceived as being not completely ‘perfect’, e.g. finances, relationships, career etc.  Once I became aware of this I realised that I used to fall for the negativity and let the worries take over from how wonderful I felt!  Luckily I’m really aware of my ‘inner dialogue’ now and even when I’m having a wonderful time, I just stay in the present moment, focussed on my breath and enjoy!  I also urge clients to do this because it is a giant leap towards self mastery, in fact I think it might be enlightenment itself!  With this awareness comes the choice to go with the doubt/negativity or simply acknowledge the voice and choose a more positive thought.

Today my ‘inner gremlin’ as I sometimes call it seems positively content. In fact it has become apparent that the voice of my soul now has priority in my life and it is a truly awesome, blissed state.  I feel like I’ve reached a wonderful stage in my journey and I feel true serenity.  After my ego questioned this blissful state the other day, I realised that one of the reasons was that I feel like I’ve got all the tools I’ll ever need to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life.  I am very much in my power and balanced too.  I don’t feel like I need anything to make me complete.  I’ve just completely a three month period of balancing my male and female energy.  This was an amazing time of growth, awareness and learning.  My biggest teacher during this time was the very magnificence of nature.

One thing which I feel has changed is the fact that when I get a divinely inspired idea, I follow up on it and actually do something!  Before, I might have let insecurity/lack of time/or lack of will actually stop me from manifesting my ideas in the world. Now, I feel like I’ve stepped off the diving  board, ready to dive into whatever adventure awaits!  I’m also quite definite about what I love, would love and I can assert my boundaries with heart and soul.

I believe I am living in bliss.  What does this mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have problems and worries etc.  It does mean that I spend less time if any at all being affected by worries or the stuff life throws at me, I guess I react less.  A couple of beautiful phrases which come to me are, ‘no matter what’s going on, this will pass’ and ‘thank you’.  Gratitude has an incredible, magical, transformative energy to it, whatever is going on in life if we can have gratitude for it, it tends to transmute it.  As I always say, don’t take my word for it, give it a go.

Serenity and peace of mind are not things to strive for.  Don’t think that when you are problem free, or when you have the new car, TV, relationship, job etc. you will be content.  Serenity comes first, then the problems aren’t problems anymore and you have a higher vibration or feeling so that from that space you either attract what you love or realise that material things just don’t matter anymore.

Bliss is this… breathing, slowly, deeply and consciously.  Enjoy!

What do you think? What does bliss mean to you?  What is a blissful life?  What tools do you love using to bring you serenity?

I always love hearing your feedback, so please leave a comment or write to me with any questions, thoughts, or feedback…

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Thanks so much for spending time with me here today.

ps. This is what gave me the most joy over the last few days… a green finch returned to my feeder.  Native America Indians called the Finch the ‘bird of happiness’.  They thought the bright yellow colour of this bird was a gift from the gods and would bring bright joy and freedom into their lives.  🙂

Glastonbury Shamanic Blessings

I just spent a magical few days in and around The Isle of Avalon which I find incredibly peaceful, inspiring and magical.  I used to go to Glastonbury festival in the early 90′s, then a decade later I was introduced to a wonderful Shaman in Glastonbury town and received a ‘Higher Perception Reading’ which completely blew my mind, gave me a definite direction and changed my perception of life …… and beyond!  I was intrigued with Shamanism and decided to do a Shamanic Healing course at the Isle of Avalon Foundation for my own development and growth.  I didn’t plan on offering Shamanic Healing to clients but I decided to do the case studies anyway to get the qualification.  During this time, I received amazing results and feedback so I decided to incorporate everything I learned (regression, cord cutting, soul retrieval, sound healing and now higher perception readings) into my business.  Now, when I return to the area I have so many wonderful memories that even without attending college I feel like deep learnings and healings are integrated into my being just by being present there, especially as I’ve recently discovered that the heart chakra of the planet is in this area!

One of the places we visited during the course was a beautiful nature reserve in Compton Dundon near Glastonbury town.  It is said that the veil between the worlds is very thin here so it’s a wonderful place to heal and strengthen our connection with our ancestors.  Whenever I visit Compton Dundon I always have a very special, magical and enlightening time and I come away with amazing insights and learnings – this time was no different!  The day of the visit was synchronistically 31/10/10, Halloween which I hadn’t planned, so it felt even more special!

During my stay in Glastonbury I had time to party with dear friends and although it was a short stay and I did lots I also had a very relaxing time.  I didn’t have time to go to The Tor though, but when I was at Compton Dundon I went to an area I hadn’t been before and was rewarded with an amazing view of The Tor (see photo below).  I returned home the day after the clocks changed, but I hadn’t changed the clock in my car, so magically, before I left Glastonbury I gained an hour which meant that I had time to climb The Tor.  When I was there I witnessed some amazing sights including a kestrel hovering looking for its lunch and in the foreground of Glastonbury town I saw a beautiful, giant heart shape on Chalice Well Hill (see photos below).

On my return home I was able to spend time with my family who were visiting from Ireland which meant we spent ‘All Souls Day’ together and we even said a prayer together specially requested by my mum.  She even talked about the importance of remembering our ancestors (something which I’ve been doing a lot recently), so it was a really special time and it meant a lot for my mum who feels like she’s approaching her final days.  It meant a lot to her that she got the opportunity to remind us to remember our ancestors when she’s gone.  I couldn’t remember the last time we prayed together and it made me smile as I remembered how I used to rebel at those requests when I was a teenager. 🙂

Since my aunty passed a way a few weeks ago I’ve felt a renewed connection, a deeper love and even a sense of new beginnings within the entire family reaching far and wide.  When I wrote my previous blog ‘Death and Rebirth’ I had no idea why I used that title as I hadn’t referred to rebirth at all in the piece, yet it just felt really right.  Now I know.  After death always come rebirth, we just need to focus on what we’d like to birth and notice it blooming in our lives.

Remember whatever is happening in your life, you can transform it with gratitude, good times become even more wonderful, and tough times transcend into a realisation of learning.

I wish you a happy November beautiful people.

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