Your Life Purpose

Do you hate your work?

Are you looking to find your life purpose, live a life of joy?

If you would love to fulfil your potential, identify your talents, passions, skills so that you do work you love, you’re in the right place.

Doing work you love, having a focus on fulfilling your purpose is what the new year 2012 is all about.

Geraldine is a specialist in guiding others towards identifying and living their heart’s passion!


1 thought on “Your Life Purpose

  1. gfablovelife Post author

    Geraldine McMahon inspires and empowers others to identify and live their highest vision for the good of all. She is a teacher, speaker, healer and coach with unique talents which guide others towards manifesting what they love in their life. She can help you transform blocks (negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns or assumptions) into stepping stones towards a life of fabulous health and happiness.

    She is a professional Shiatsu, Shamanic, Reiki, Practitioner and Life Coach with over a decade’s experience of working with clients both in the NHS and privately. She has been described as ‘world class’ by one of her celebrity clients.

    She is passionate about empowering others to become their own guru and is available for sessions and readings on skype, phone and in person in Dorset and London.


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