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13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate

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There’s a Spiritual use for Chocolate?

Yes.  This is what I discovered after arriving in Guatemala at 11.11 on 11/11/12 on a synchronistically delayed flight greeted not only by these (very significant) numbers but also by 4/5 bolts of lightning.  A sign that this was probably not going to be just some ordinary journey!!  My visit was also synchronised with the important dates of 12/12/12 and 21/12/12; the end of the Mayan calendar and a 26,00 year cycle much celebrated and talked about worldwide.  The end of the world … as we know it, and the beginning of a new one.

After arriving in Guatemala, spending time in Antigua which is really beautiful and a world heritage centre, intuition guided me to Lake Atitlan, a haven of healing portals in the Highlands of Guatemala.

I had no idea why I was there and yes, fear did creep in, but no sooner had I transmuted by asking my favourite question; ‘What would I love’ when I met a wonderful lady who told me about ‘The Chocolate Shaman’ and his work; that was on day one, day two I attended my first ceremony.

Chocolate is The Bean of the Gods

Chocolate is The Bean of the Gods

Anyway, to cut a looong story short, I discovered that the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used Chocolate for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes.  I spent a couple of months going to Ceremonies and learning about chocolate and surrendering to the ‘stuff’ clearing gentle, powerful ways of this Spirit.  Since then I am honoured to continue to build a strong connection with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’ as a powerful teacher, facilitator and guide.  The Chocolate Shaman connected with the Spirit of Cacao nearly 10 years ago and she told him that Cacao is as ‘The Food for the Shift’; this started his journey of discovery.

Chocolate Tree 'The Food of the Gods'

Chocolate Tree ‘The Food of the Gods’

My experiences since then, 9 months ago, can confirm that Chocolate truly is the food for the shift.  I now run ceremonies throughout the world using my Shamanic tools from a 13 year professional adventure into the unknown, raising the mists of my own beliefs and assumptions.  I’ve been creating the life I love and guiding others to not only creating a life THEY love but teaching others about the magical secrets of alchemy and the elixirs of life!

The use of Chocolate has taken my work and the results in others lives to another level.  It creates a beautiful cauldron of love, allowing what needs to be released to transmute allowing more room for extra doses of light, love and magic.  Something we can all benefit from in these powerfully changing times!

During Chocolate Ceremonies, people connect with deep feelings of bliss, love and joy.  They sometimes travel through emotions which are stuck to get there, gaining deep realisations about their purpose, the meaning of life and the direction their soul is calling them to take.

There’s often wondrous ‘aha’ moments on why certain things have been a perceived ‘problem’ and how, in fact, now they can see that it’s their greatest gift.  With this knowledge, the journey forward is more empowered without the old ‘story’ but with a renewed awareness of the gifts they’ve been granted, even through the story! This fresh start often guides them to stepping into their power in a way they’ve never before experienced (often with them using Cacao in their work).

My passion is training others to run ceremonies and to teach the next wave of teachers.  The planet is changing, WE’RE changing and there’s a need for a great number of teachers to be the guides for the rest of the planet.  There are a lot of pain bodies to be soothed and transmuted, and that’s what my purpose is, to train the next wave of teachers.

There’s lots of positive health benefits to chocolate, it’s a superfood, it’s delicious and it’s also an aphrodisiac but I’m going to focus on the spiritual, emotional and mental benefits here.

Since my discovery about the magical uses for Cacao just 9 months ago, I journeyed to Hawaii & Canada where I held Ceremony, but I also journeyed to Costa Rica and I met tribes who still use Cacao for these purposes.  They also use it for initiations for both teenagers and children, and pregnant women.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

The Spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan Deities. They called Cacao ‘The water that runs through the heart’, it is a Sacred, Medicinal, Psychoactive, Plant and Theobroma or cacao actually means “Food of the Gods”.

Here are ….. More benefits for Chocolate, taken usually in a ceremonial dose, I recommend pure, ceremonial grade chocolate.  Generally what you can buy in the supermarket has all the good stuff taken out.  Intention is powerful, so set you intention and enjoy!

There are thirteen benefits below, 13 is a powerful number, when the patriarchal power came to the fore, it was ruled as an ‘unlucky’ number but in actual fact it is the number of the Goddess and represents the new world of love being created.

The Magic of Chocolate as a Plant Medicine

1. Cacao opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection.

2. It promotes powerful journeying and connection with our spiritual wisdom.

3. Aids realisation on repeated patterns or blocks which might be preventing us from creating the life we love.

3. Stronger connection with the higher self.

4. Enhanced connection with the truth of ourselves; our divinity.  Chocolate is a powerful facilitator allowing us to delve into our pain, release it so that we can allow more light, love and magic in.

5. Powerful, otherworldly meditation enabling us to connect with our spiritual nature, accessing the wisdom within.  It also makes meditation much easier and more beneficial.  It calms the left brain chatter, and allows us to delve more into that nooo mind bliss space (see point 10).

6. Profound embodiment of new learnings.  Allowing us to feel in our bodies things we know in our head, our mind.

Profound things like that we are all love; love is all there is, it’s all the matters.  We might logically know this, and want to believe it and embody it, but we wonder how to live it and embody it?  Chocolate aids this pathway to bliss.

7. Feelings of oneness, enlightenment and ecstasy.  This results in more love in our lives, as well as a stronger, more familiar connection with our magnificence, oneness and spiritual capacities.

Under a Cacao tree with one of my Cacao suppliers in Costa Rica

Under a Cacao tree with one of my Cacao suppliers in Costa Rica

8. More enhanced, balanced male & female energy.  We all have male and female energy within, when these are balanced we live a harmonious life magnetising all we love to us.  This integration also leads to enhanced effectiveness as the divine creators and manifesters which we are in essence.  The balance of male and female energies allows us to receive inspiration AND act on it.

9. Access to the ‘one mind’ or unity consciousness allowing the connection with creative ideas.  With the enhanced male/female balance within, these are then made manifest….

Blurred waterfall with love heart, butterfly symbol :

Blurred waterfall with love heart, butterfly symbol :

10. More effective, deeper, profound, easier yoga and chi kung practice.  It improves on every level; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.  This is probably the case with other practices too (aikido, kick boxing etc.) but I have yet to try others.

11. A deeper, stronger connection with ‘the light’, the new, higher dimensions, raising our vibration.

12. Stronger connection with our creative abilities; writing, painting, dancing, music or whatever floats your boat.

13. Cacao is a gentle, powerful feminine force.  It is the force for the new world.  By surrendering to the essence and energy of Chocolate, you can step into the higher dimensions.  It allows a deep Shamanic experience of ‘being in the world but not of it’ or ‘having a foot in both worlds’.

It is all about the messages that the dolphins deliver, the basis of Hawaiian Shamanism… It’s all about FUN and CONNECTION 🙂

Indigenous Costa Rican Shaman

Indigenous Costa Rican Shaman

This has been communicated to me recently in my own work and thorough witnessing what others are gaining in ceremonies and in one to one sessions.  It facilitates the clearing of deep psychological, emotional, and spiritual blocks.  It allows one to get to the root of any emotion or even any physical ailment, to discover why they have it and in turn feeling the emotion related to it; subsequently healing the original dis-ease and releasing it.

Please feel free to add a comment and assist with more magical benefits.

Mucho aloha!


The Chocolate Shaman will be in Europe Summer/Autumn 2013, and I will be in Europe from Autumn 2013, with teacher trainings in Europe and a retreat in Hawaii in 2014 on the cards.


Glastonbury Shamanic Blessings

I just spent a magical few days in and around The Isle of Avalon which I find incredibly peaceful, inspiring and magical.  I used to go to Glastonbury festival in the early 90′s, then a decade later I was introduced to a wonderful Shaman in Glastonbury town and received a ‘Higher Perception Reading’ which completely blew my mind, gave me a definite direction and changed my perception of life …… and beyond!  I was intrigued with Shamanism and decided to do a Shamanic Healing course at the Isle of Avalon Foundation for my own development and growth.  I didn’t plan on offering Shamanic Healing to clients but I decided to do the case studies anyway to get the qualification.  During this time, I received amazing results and feedback so I decided to incorporate everything I learned (regression, cord cutting, soul retrieval, sound healing and now higher perception readings) into my business.  Now, when I return to the area I have so many wonderful memories that even without attending college I feel like deep learnings and healings are integrated into my being just by being present there, especially as I’ve recently discovered that the heart chakra of the planet is in this area!

One of the places we visited during the course was a beautiful nature reserve in Compton Dundon near Glastonbury town.  It is said that the veil between the worlds is very thin here so it’s a wonderful place to heal and strengthen our connection with our ancestors.  Whenever I visit Compton Dundon I always have a very special, magical and enlightening time and I come away with amazing insights and learnings – this time was no different!  The day of the visit was synchronistically 31/10/10, Halloween which I hadn’t planned, so it felt even more special!

During my stay in Glastonbury I had time to party with dear friends and although it was a short stay and I did lots I also had a very relaxing time.  I didn’t have time to go to The Tor though, but when I was at Compton Dundon I went to an area I hadn’t been before and was rewarded with an amazing view of The Tor (see photo below).  I returned home the day after the clocks changed, but I hadn’t changed the clock in my car, so magically, before I left Glastonbury I gained an hour which meant that I had time to climb The Tor.  When I was there I witnessed some amazing sights including a kestrel hovering looking for its lunch and in the foreground of Glastonbury town I saw a beautiful, giant heart shape on Chalice Well Hill (see photos below).

On my return home I was able to spend time with my family who were visiting from Ireland which meant we spent ‘All Souls Day’ together and we even said a prayer together specially requested by my mum.  She even talked about the importance of remembering our ancestors (something which I’ve been doing a lot recently), so it was a really special time and it meant a lot for my mum who feels like she’s approaching her final days.  It meant a lot to her that she got the opportunity to remind us to remember our ancestors when she’s gone.  I couldn’t remember the last time we prayed together and it made me smile as I remembered how I used to rebel at those requests when I was a teenager. 🙂

Since my aunty passed a way a few weeks ago I’ve felt a renewed connection, a deeper love and even a sense of new beginnings within the entire family reaching far and wide.  When I wrote my previous blog ‘Death and Rebirth’ I had no idea why I used that title as I hadn’t referred to rebirth at all in the piece, yet it just felt really right.  Now I know.  After death always come rebirth, we just need to focus on what we’d like to birth and notice it blooming in our lives.

Remember whatever is happening in your life, you can transform it with gratitude, good times become even more wonderful, and tough times transcend into a realisation of learning.

I wish you a happy November beautiful people.

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