The Power of Now – Hawaiian Wisdom


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There’s a Hawaiian principle which goes like this…. Now is the moment of power, or ‘Manawa’ in the Hawaiian language.

You probably know Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’ which goes into great details about the power of being in the present; the abundant gifts.

I’ve been meditating on the Hawaiian take on it recently.  This is not something new.  It seems like it’s the flavor of the day with other famous spiritual leaders like of Anita Moorjani and Ram Dass also sharing the same message.

I agree with everything they say and I’d like to add a bit of my own magical perspective.  What does ‘The moment of power is now’ actually mean?  Well, I can explain from a place of being in my own power, my own Greatness.

It’s being present to your divine guidance, your inner wisdom.  Then, from that place of wisdom, it’s about taking real action NOW guided by your higher self, soul or whatever you like to call it.

It’s all fine and sometimes dandy if you want to live in a cave and meditate all day, but we’re living in this real, gritty world.  We have families and friendships to honor and sustain, we have careers, we have bills to pay.  Most importantly, we have dreams to manifest, we have a purpose to fulfill and we have a new world to create!   It’s all very well getting guidance, but if we don’t act on it, what good is it?

That is my passion!  Not airy, fairy, ethereal, never to be dreams, but dreams with the foundation that they’re true for your (powerful) heart to create so that you ARE living your true nature & purpose.

So you might ask how do we get into the moment?  Well, there’s lots of techniques to help to get the ego or mind out of the way, it depends what you love doing – and that’s crucial!  It’s gotta be fun, or at least pleasant anyway.

There’s breathing exercises, meditations, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, journeys; all sorts of things which are specifically designed with that in mind (excuse the pun).  When I started as a healer practicing Shiatsu over a decade ago I worked with quite a few high flying execs who would run a mile if I mentioned the word ‘meditation’.  Lol.  What worked quite well for them were sports like swimming, because of the breath focus, it was easy for them to switch the mind off and enter the bliss of the moment.  Swimming is also a great way to naturally effortlessly release grief and sadness, which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is held in the lungs.  We all hold a certain amount of those emotions and to release them is powerful as it allows more joy into our lives.



I feel like the best way to have easy access to bliss is to have a daily practice (like meditation) so you start your day clear and with an inner knowing of what “NOW” is like.  That is the “NOW” without the incessant thoughts, worries and inner voice clouding your vision.  With this foundation, there is an inner knowing as to the difference in resonance of the voice of your spirit or soul compared to that of the ego/mind.  I don’t want to put the ego down, it’s a very necessary part of us, however it has a very limited view of you, your abilities, others and the world because it’s got a limited memory – just from when you were a child til now.  It doesn’t have access to all the magic and possibilities outside of that.  It can be largely fear-based and act out like a pained, wounded child.

To be able to either move outside of this way of being and have an ascended view is a portal to creating your own heaven on earth.  This is what the new paradigm is all about.  When each one of us is in our own bliss, then we’ve ascended.  The ego can so easily and destructively remove you from NOW so that the greater percentage of your focus is on  worries, which means you take actions guided by worries, then creating what you do NOT want (I feel another blog coming on relating our actions, rather than just our thoughts and feelings creating our reality).

This brings me back to ‘Now is the moment of power’ or ‘Manawa’.  In the language of Ancient Hawaii, they were so attuned to this principle that there wasn’t even a past or future in their language.

Hawaiian sunset – Big Island, Hawaii.  The Hawaiians saw sunset as the beginning of the day.

Cont’d  …


I feel like the main reason why I was guided to write this article is to remind myself, more than you that it’s when we act on divine inspiration that we can create the life we love.

That’s what I love.  I love seeing others creating their dream of bliss.  I’m also witnessing it more and more as I travel the world learning, growing and sharing my brand of intuitive magic.  The shifts I’m witnessing are very powerful – with everyone creating their very own ‘Land of Plenty’…  As one of my clients recently said, “one day everyone’s Land of Plenty will join up as we’ll have a World of Plenty”.  Here’s to that I say 😉

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