Reset or Replay?

Volcano by the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Bliss on earth.


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Love to you!


The times of reckoning & rebirth are upon us, I joke not!

We’ve been gifted a reset button, or of course we can choose the replay button.

For the first time on the planet we have the opportunity to create a new world. What was fixed has become volatile.  We are in an incredible time of flux.  The much talked about date 21 December 2012 is fast approaching, we’re in the midst of two powerful eclipses and we’re in a MERcury retrograde – if that wasn’t proof enough.

More than ever, our words are powerful and our thoughts have the power to become reality. We’ve learned many lessons recently, some painful.  These are the ones to really pay attention to, because what’s happening in this portal is that we have a choice of a ‘reset’ or a ‘replay’ button.  The characters and circumstances may be different but similar events will be showing up, allowing us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and live in a way which is congruent with our soul and in integrity with our spirit.

This might sound difficult, but it’s really quite simple. You just need to speak your truth – thanking others for speaking their truth (hopefully) and then acting. Whatever the question is, the answer is love.  We are all one.

When caught in a ‘tricky’ situation, it might be as simple as saying something doesn’t feel ‘clear’ and just waiting…. This is what I did recently and rather than reliving a possibly painful, harmful scenario (for more people than me), I simply said that the situation didn’t feel clear.  This allowed other factors time to show up or not show up – I didn’t even have to make a decision in the end, it all panned out quite beautifully as we stayted in truth, love and oneness. The lessons and the pain might be deep, but honestly, life can now be easy and fun! It’s all about intention.

I’m sooo grateful for these lessons – and this is a BIG key too; the big G – Gratitude. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude – for it all!

Whatever we’d like to create in our life, we must be real about where we currently are.  This gives us power and brings us into our power, so we’re operating from a place of clarity, centeredness and creation.  What could be less powerful than denying where we are?  Maybe it’s our career, our relationships, our financial situation, whatever it is, be real.

When we deny what ‘fodder’ or (excuse me) what ‘shit’ we’re in, it also denies the possibility for transformation. The philosopher’s stone, if not sought, can’t be found. The transforming of ‘lead’ into ‘gold’ simply cannot take place.  Without the lead, the gold can’t alchemise.  How can we find our treasure if we haven’t lost it?

Tis bliss for me to elaborate on this, considering that I’ve experienced many more years than you care to imagine of ‘positive thinking’ and NOT being real.  When we’re real about our starting point, it gives us incredible momentum to create what is dear to our hearts. You gotta know where you are to navigate the path to where you’d love to be.

This is my passion, allowing others to see their reality, and then getting them to dream bigger than they have in their entire lives.  I invite them to step into their own Hollywood film and create the life they love all guided by their own inner wisdom, or whatever you call it, the intuition, higher self, their soul and spirit.

‘Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’ Albert Einstein

I must warn you though, there’s been a conspiracy going on.  From an early age we were told off for daydreaming and persuaded that spending time imagining is a total waste of time, a folly!  Daydreaming is Richard Branson’s favourite pastime – but of course he follows up and puts his dreams into BIG action while having a whale of a time!

‘The imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Albert Einstein

So, taking into consideration that everything is in flux, please take some time to focus on what you WOULD love in your life.  Something I find very often after asking someone ‘What would you love?’  is that quite often, in just a few seconds they start to talk about what they don’t want!  Allow your imagination to run wild and stay positive – this is the time to stay positive, because you’ve already been real about what’s not so good in your life.

You are a Magician, you are creating a new life and you are being the change you wish to see in the world, so you are creating the new world!

My second favourite question is ‘What would a magician do?’

So, seeing as you are a Magician, what would a Magician do?

With love from the third most powerful vortex on the planet after the pyramids in Egypt and Machu Picchu in Peru…. The banks of Lake Aititlan, Guatemala, Magical Mayan land.


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