HAWAII in my heart


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Love to you!


Hawaii means the breath and water of the divine.

I was blessed with HA (breath) and WA (water) II (of the divine) sent directly to my heart from a dolphin today.

I swam with dolphins in in a beautiful bay near my home this morning.  It’s one of my favourite locations as it’s also a very sacred area (the translation of the name of the bay is ‘Pathway to the Gods (& Goddesses)’….).

I’ve been hoping for a wild dolphin to touch me before I leave Hawaii and last week I actually dreamt that I asked one and he gave me the biggest hug, I woke up a very happy lady 🙂

While swimming with them today, I realised that I don’t need a physical touch because they’re touching my heart all the time.  In fact, they’re not only touching me, but they’re healing, teaching and inspiring me.  I also remembered that we’re all one anyway.

Once I had this realization, a dolphin about 15/20 ft below me blew the yummiest bubble which floated up and hit me in my heart……

I feel so blessed, I now have HA WA II in my heart forever.

Liking this space of so sad and so blessed all at the same time.

Love to you x


Liking this space of so sad and so blessed all at the same time.


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