Return to Greatness


I don’t use this as my main blog site anymore… head on over here to for my blog.

Love to you!


Aloha from Hawaii,

I’m having a divine week the foundation of which is guiding others more and more to their Greatness using the power of their imagination.

The people I work with are sooo inspiring; I hesitate to call them clients anymore because I find it’s a beautiful connection we create as we actually guide each other even more to our Greatness.

As a lot of things are shifting in my life at present, I find myself using my imagination in negative ways – worrying!  I love the challenge of staying focussed on what I’d love to create and simply letting go.

Here’s a lovely post from one of my heroes Wayne Dyer:,%20Ph.D./super-soul-sunday_b_1376245.html

Remember, “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”



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