Ho’oponopono simplicity divine bliss


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Love to you!


I just want to say hello and extend my love and bliss to you today.

I’m re-reading ‘Zero Limits’ by Joe Vitale which explains the AMAZING process of ‘Ho’oponopono’ and I just had to share this with you….

‘Intentions are limitations.

You decide/set the intention you’d like a parking space (or the like) outside the supermarket. But Divinity gives you a space a mile away. Why? Because you need to walk more. Let go.’

I’ve jigged the words around a bit, but that’s basically it. How amazingly awesomely cool is that?

Focus on what you’d love, and hey, let go. Of course there’s more to it than that, the biggest part of Ho’oponopono is a beautiful process of accepting total responsibility for everything you come across.

I’ll finish with the words of Ho’oponopono, which when you repeat, pretty much clears the subconscious ‘stuff’ in you which creates your reality.

I’ve really simplified it here, although it is simple, but I simply HAD to share that beautiful supermarket analogy with you.

Here we go, here are the H’o words…

‘I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I’m sorry
Thank you.’

Aloha x


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