New moon wishes!


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Love to you!



There’s usually one new moon every month, you can easily check them online. The December one is really powerful as it gives us a chance to consider what we’d love to create for the next year, giving us an early boost to our resolutions and focus.

The moon controls the tides and as we’re 50-60% water, having the energy of the new moon behind us and our wihes is incredibly powerful.

Dream big people and purrrlease include a world of love and peace in your wishes 😉

Thanking you.



2 thoughts on “New moon wishes!

  1. Emily West-Sadler

    Thanks Geraldine, love seeing you on video and your message about new moon wishes! Is it too late to make them – only just watched it or can I still tap into that awesome energy? Lots of love, Emily xxx

    1. gfablovelife Post author

      Hi Emily,

      You’re very welcome, glad you liked it!

      It is said that you can make new moon wishes within three days of it (it was on Sunday 17.25 GMT), however I believe you can make them at any time, especially stronger coming up to the full moon which is two weeks after the new moon. This is an especially good time to do so as you can also focus on the next years’ wishes too!

      Dream big honey and may they come true in an awesome, magical way! x

      Much love,

      Geraldine xxx


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