A change in perception changes everything!


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Love to you!


I’ve been back in London for just over a week having spent the summer in Dorset and exploring England and Ireland.  I’ve had a wonderful time in London so far which is very surprising as recently when I’ve visited London I’ve had some stressful times.

You see I firmly believe that whatever shows up in my life, I’ve created, so when something apparently ‘negative’ shows up, unfortunately I’ve got to take credit for that too!  Since I moved to Dorset I’ve thought that’s where I ‘should’ be.  So when I’m in London there have been many times when I haven’t really felt present. In hindsight I realise that I was perceiving London as a very stressful place to be.  This was having an ‘interesting’ and not so positive impact on the time I spent here.
I was discussing this with a friend before this visit as I actually wasn’t looking forward to leaving Dorset.  It became clear that I’d been creating a reality that I didn’t want.  It amazed me that I’d managed to slip into this way of being as I’m usually so aware of what I might be subconsciously creating.  With that awareness I changed my perspective and focussed on what I’d love instead.  I am glad to say that this visit has been absolutely blissful and I know it will only get better!  I’ve had some wonderful sessions with clients, both in person and on skype, catching up with friends, some very productive meetings and I’ve also met new people in a magical synergistic way!  I’ve also managed to get through hundreds of emails on my facebook and my private account which had been draining my energy (so if you are one of the people I haven’t got back to yet… I will do so very soon)!  I’ve also started my blog and I have some exciting plans on the launch of my new YouTube channel!

I’d like to share the highlight of my time in London so far which was a visit to Queens Wood in Highgate which is minutes from my London home. I met one of my best friends there for a catch up over a cuppa and cake in the very wonderful, old-fashioned café there.  As we walked through the woods later, we discovered an exhibition which was scattered through the woods entitled ‘Cutback’ which was a gentle demonstration against the proposed cutbacks, the use of pesticides and more.  As we meandered through the woods we discovered a magical haven with a large circle of hammocks.  I had found my bliss!  I found a hammock and took some time to enter into a Narnia world of the ‘eternal moment’ as I gently swayed under the ancient trees I could have been anywhere in the world as I watched the clouds creating artworks in the sky as they slowly danced on by.  I eventually meandered home before which I took some time to observe others who’d taken time out of their day to step into this secret world of relaxation in the middle of the busiest cities in the world!  I loved the fact that a lot of them looked like people who have very busy, stressful careers and they were absolutely relishing their time out.

I’ve had some wonderful sessions with clients recently.  What I really love about my work is when clients get clarity on and identify what they’d truly love to create in their lives.  We can be so focused on what we don’t want that when we are asked to really focus on what we would love it’s common for us to let the ‘Oh I can’t have/be/do that’ thoughts get in the way of even thinking about and verbalising what we’d truly love.  As Einstein says ‘Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions’.  So just by thinking about and verbalising our dreams we are taking the first step towards their manifestation.  It’s also really worthwhile to become aware of our beliefs, assumptions, limitations and negative thinking because with that awareness we can then choose to spend less time and give less energy to them.  Some of my clients are now so aware of them that I don’t even need to do or say anything – they see them immediately and then choose to get back into the groove of focussing on what they love.

So I’ll end this blog with my four favourite words ‘What would you love?’

With love from London from a very relaxed, happy, blissed out lady,

Geraldine xxx


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